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The Burn-e(formally named VIPER) by NAMI really started as a project that would offer a
new e-scooter on the market and would give a new boost to micro mobility a new and
more intelligent e-scooter, built with passion and precise detail on quality and safety.
The result was to build a “WEAPON”, a Hyper scooter.
In the process of creating this Hyper scooter that would go under extreme safety and
quality tests, NAMI has taken us on a journey all the way through with videos, pics, safety
tests and detailed explanations on how every part of the scooter was created by sharing
content on social media day after day...no other company has ever done such a thing
And not only they shared but they listened as well..
By collecting feedback and design decisions from the community, by listening to previous
issues that riders were dealing with other brands on the market ,they started refining their
creation to achieve perfection, we could say.. this is the People’s e-Scooter..
(Check out and join FB group Viper electric scooter international)
NAMI and their engineers decided to make the Burn-e “The project of their life”..it didn’t
take much.. A good team of capable men, a lot of passion for
e-scooters, many many working hours, a lot of testing and probably a big bet...a bet to
make the Burn-e the best Hyper scooter on the market.
There are many features that can make the Burn-e one of the best scooters out there ,It's
smart display with the riding mode setting ability, the parameters settings for each
controller independently, the overheat protection build in, the hydraulic KKE adjustable
front and rear suspension, the one piece aviation aluminium frame that has been heat
treated, the carbon fibber steering rod, full light system of 2000lumen,the 50a controllers that
deliver superpower and turbo function for extra max speed and many more.
But in our opinion, what makes this Scooter special, is the fact that the prototype has been
through several safety, quality and performance tests and checks and has succeeded on
each and every one.
The fact that it is made from scratch in a small factory, in small batches each time and
practically been assembled by hand, surely makes it UNIQUE and one of a kind!!!
Here at ELECTROMOTION we have a moto “Don’t just ride. but ride in Style” so we are very
excited to have this scooter available in Australia...and Yes.. we can say that in the short
history of Electric scooters, we are holding in our hands, a small piece of history...OR
maybe...something from the FUTURE!!!

       A small piece of History

FRAME​ One piece aviation aluminium frame heat treated

BATTERY: 72V 35AH 18650 Panasonic

MOTOR: 4200W x 2 peak output

CONTROLLER: 12Mosfet,50a max current controller x 2 (IP65)

TOP SPEED: 25km/h (Private use 100km/h)

RANGE with 30km/h average speed:150km

BRAKES: Front & rear Nutt full hydraulic brakes w 160mm rotors and cooling fin pad

SUSPENSION: 165mm travel length KKE hydraulic coil shock with rebound


DASHBOARD: Smart display with riding mode setting ability, setting parameters
ability for each controller independently, smart cruise control, overheat protection
built in,IP65


HANDLEBAR: 31.8 diameter,620mm length

LIGHTS: 2000lumen front LED light, Side LED strip integrated with turn
signal, motorcycle horn,IP55


CABLE SYSTEM AND IP RATING: Plug n play connection for all electronic
components(both sides) IP55


FOLDING SYSTEM: Patent designed thread lock taper folding system w 304 stainless
steel parts


TYRES: 11 inch tubeless tyre 90/65-6.5,street or off road available

CHARGER: Standard 2x 3a quick charger, dual charging port

DIMENSIONS: Overall size: 1346mm x 620mm x 1446mm
Handle bar to deck: 1090mm height
Deck cover:564mm x 312mm,766mm including foot rest
Ground clearance: 150mm at kickstand base,170mm at heat sink
Top of the deck to ground:292mm


DIMENSIONS WHEN FOLDED: 1346mm x 620mm x 640mm


Vehicle USE: This Scooter is sold for Off Road or Private Property Use Only.


LCD CONTROLLER water resistance rating IP65

5 Riding modes parameter settings, independent for each controller

Seven point settings:
1)Rear motor starting power from 1 to 5

2)Front motor starting power from 1 to 5

3)Rear motor max output from 10 to 100(Percentage)

4)Front motor max output from 10 to 100(Percentage)

5)Max speed from 10 to 100(Percentage)

6)E-brake force, from 0 to 5

7)Turbo strength, from 0 to 5 (Turbo will add max speed and reduce torque of the motor.
--Smart cruise control: adjustable speed by using the a switch
--Overheat protection: Ability to set the max temperature for heat protection
star(indication of temperature for each controller)
--Low voltage protection: ability to set up the min power percentage for the low
power protection start

Extra solid tube frame, all the way crossing inside 32mm
diameter 3mm thick 6061serial aluminium and Heat treated

One piece aviation aluminium frame heat treated

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