About Us

Electromotion was founded in 2020 by Harry and Jim in Sydney. 
It was the need of a better solution in transportation that started the whole idea, the need of a more independent way to travel and to reduce carbon pollution.

Also to travel smart, save time, save money and most importantly have fun!!! It was all these together that led us to the idea of Electric Scooters but it was our desire for something better, different, more specialised and much more powerful than the ordinary, that made us start with the EMOVE the most complete e-scooter. Because here in ElectroMotion we say: DON'T JUST RIDE...BUT...RIDE IN STYLE!!! 


Harry and Jim co-founders of Electromotion Australia posing for a photo shoot at Sydney near Harbour bridge


When you buy a folding electric scooter or an electric skateboard from ElectroMotion Australia, you don't only buy one of the most popular electric scooter brands on the market. You also get the most reliable and high quality electric scooter that has been double-checked on quality tests.

That means that before your electric scooter comes in your possession, it has been through a 50 point factory quality check before imported to Australia and a 20 point pre-shipment check by ElectroMotion so it can be ready to ride straight out of the box. You can be rest assured that we have checked every bolt, tires, brakes, settings and many more parts.

That way your scooter is not only safer to ride but the chance of having a minor factory fault is reduced to the minimum level.
Because here at ElectroMotion we are serious about safety and customer satisfaction.

Taking into consideration all the above and combining it with our after sales service, which includes:
- All spare parts stocked in Australia
- All warranty repairs been conducted locally at one of our dealers around the states of Australia
- The largest video Library of after sales support: Library Link
- Customer support email that operates 24/7: Email Link

You can feel confident that you have made the right choice and that...we have your back!

We work behind the scenes non-stop.

We don’t just sell folding electric scooters and electric skateboards, but we are passionate about them, we are not just an online store but real people ready to answer your questions and have your scooter always up and running, our network contains 16 stores around Australia and keeps on growing rapidly so you can have support right at your doorstep.

After you buy your favourite electric scooter we guarantee that it will be shipped next business day to you and will always be there to answer any questions you may have with the quickest response you can imagine.