Why Choose Us?

Emove is only considered number 2 by a recent poll in the electric scooter market. So why go with us? We try harder. (When you are not the biggest, you have to.) We just cannot afford return shipments of bad products. Our customer service phone operators to answer angry phone calls. Or dead batteries. Or burnt controllers. Or flat tires. Or overheat motors. Obviously, the thing we try hardest for is just to be nice. To start you out with a new electric scooter, like a lively, powerful EMOVE Cruiser, and a pleasant smile. Why? Because we cannot afford to take you for granted. Go with us next time. Our shipment queue is shorter.

Warranty Information?

Our manufacturer’s guarantee that our product will be free of faulty parts or defects for at least 12 months for the Emove, Nami and 6 months for Fiido seated Scooters. If your product experiences damage after the warranty expires, we stock spare parts for all products at a reasonable rate.

My issue is not covered by warranty, what are my options?

EMove offers support for all current models and can assist you in purchasing parts or locating a local repair service. For assistance, please feel free to contact us at support@electromotion.com.au

My electric scooter has scratches and scurffs, is it still covered under warranty?

The warranty covers internal manufacturer defects only and not physical damage. We offer replacement shells online, email us eworldscooter@gmail.com

How does the warranty process work?

  1. Simply submit a warranty claim to support@electromotion.com.au and upload a copy of your receipt and a photo of the item, with a description of the issue.
  2. Our support team will diagnose and troubleshoot your issue.
  3. If the troubleshooting is unsuccessful and the board is within warranty, we will provide an RMA number and prepaid label which enables you to send the item to our facility for repair or replacement
  4. The item must be shipped within 7 days of RMA issuance or it will be refused and returned to sender
  5. Upon receipt, your item will be inspected, diagnosed and repaired or replaced. Typical turnaround time is 10-14 business days
  6. Return shipping will be covered on any repairs or replacements completed under the warranty.
  7. If our support technicians deem that there is no manufacturing defect found at the time of diagnosis, the customer will be responsible for repair and return shipping costs

I received this as a gift, how do I file a warranty claim?

In order to file a warranty claim, we will need a receipt or proof of purchase. We will do our best to assist you in locating the receipt from a retail gift registry purchase. Alternatively, you can try contacting the gift giver or the store for purchase confirmation.

I cannot find my invoice or proof of purchase, what can i do?

All warranty replacements must be validated with proof of purchase. If you cannot locate your receipt, please contact the store directly.

What do i need before before filing a warranty claim?

Please have the following handy when you go to file your warranty claim:
  • Proof of purchase – receipt from retailer
  • Serial number
  • Picture of the damage
  • Description of how damage occurred
  • Name and shipping address

Does it matter if the electronics get wet?

Water damage is not covered by warranty. Generally speaking the electronic components on all of our devices are sealed, from the motor to battery to head unit. Our products are water-resistant, but not water-proof and expected to be able to handle minimal water without any issues. If possible, try not to completely submerge your product. If you fall into a water, make sure the it is recovered quickly and allow to dry off.If caught in unexpected rain, locate shelter immediately to preserve your devices functionality.

About Shipping?

We try to process all orders placed on our website within 3 to 5 business days. All orders are shipped via ground shipping method and average delivery times are 3-5 business days.
High value items such as EMOVE Cruiser will be shipped with signature required to prevent theft and the carrier may need to contact you to schedule a delivery appointment. Please be sure to leave the best contact phone number for them to reach you.
Items Damaged During Transit: While we take every reasonable precaution to ensure that products are well-packed, damage can occur during shipment from our warehouse to your destination. If your products are damaged during transit, please refuse delivery and have the driver note refusal reason as "damaged". If you are unable to refuse the damaged shipment or if freight damage is concealed, notify us and the freight company immediately. Shipping related damages must be reported to the freight company and to us within 7 days of receipt of shipment. Take pictures of the damage and ask the freight company for confirmation or claim number. Open a support ticket with ELECTROMOTION describing the damage, including photos and confirmation number from the freight company. Do not throw away original packaging.
Delivery Terms: All orders over $200 and warranty replacements will be shipped with signature required unless requested otherwise by the customer.Most deliveries occur between 8 AM and 8 PM and must be signed for delivery. Packages returned to us due to failed delivery attempts will be charged a $35 reshipping fee. Refused packages (except items damaged during transit) will be charged a 20% re-stock fee.

Your Cruiser has water-resistance capability, why does your warranty not cover damages?

Although there has not been an actual reported case of the Cruiser getting water damages (We mean serious damage, not the type where the water gets in the horn speaker) - Your phone is going to sound weird for the first day if you swam with it without purging water ingress.
Unfortunately, the horn speaker for the Cruiser does not have a purging function
All electronic companies, even Apple (top few customer centric companies in the world), do not cover water damages from their water resistant products. They put it in their fine-print, while we put it upfront for you to be equipped with this knowledge.

Why only 1 year/6-months warranty?

We do not offer an extensive warranty period just to make a sale. We are in the business of outdoor products, where you ride your scooter on the road, through dirt, debris and objects. We learn from companies like Boosted, where they have a more extensive warranty and return policy - which unfortunately resulted in them shutting down this year. We also do not set our retail prices at a crazy price point. If you are versed in the specifications that we are offering, you know for a fact that what we offer is a good deal.
When you message, call, or email us, we have real people working behind the scenes answering your questions. Most importantly, we honor our warranty policy.
There are plenty of reviews out there that prove our support for you, even after your 1 Year/6 months warranty period. If you need certain parts, we have them available. This team has stood the test of time - We are here for the long run.

Can I buy extended warranty?

While at this point we do not try to sell you an extended warranty, the warranty covers failure of critical components such as the battery, LCD display, controller, and motor. The components we used are durable to begin with. 99% of the riders do not require them.

Does warranty cover lost screws? Since screws are a part of the scooter?

No. We are often firm on this. Although screws are a part of the scooter, we specially purchase an additional multi-purpose tool kit and include it in your package. Electric scooters are like bikes in terms of maintenance. It is the rider's responsibility to tighten the usual bolts and nuts from time to time. It is not going to tighten itself!
The nuts and screws are regular screws - If we use titanium, the retail price is going to be very different. Screws from China are the same screws as the ones used here in the United States - Unless you pay a premium price for it.
However, in order to take care of all our customers, we stock the screws of every single size. You will not see it on other companies' website. At the same time, we only ask for a little understanding. If you can find the screws nearby for a cheap price, please do so. The price of the screws on our website cannot even cover the cost of a full time employee per hour salary to locate the right size, test whether it is accurate and pack it for you safely. We kindly ask that you avoid the thought: "Hey, why is your screw $1.50? I can find that for $1 nearby". We are humans too. If everyone starts to lose their screws and are able to call in, and get a free screw within a week, we will need to open an entire department just to locate, test, pack and ship screws. We would definitely be the largest screw supplier in the market.

Are electric scooters legal to ride in my state?

Electrics scooters can be purchased in every state in Australia but every state has different regulations and laws about them.
We recommend checking the regulations in your state with your state road authority.