Doctor Orange Tire Sealant


Why Dr. Orange over any other sealants in the industry?

  • Blended with various lengths of Kevlar and aramid fiber
  • Anti-corrosives such as sodium molybdate prevent your wheel hubs from getting rusty
  • It does not stick to your wheel hubs, making it easy to clean
  • High density: the sealant does not squirt all over the place when you get a puncture
  • High visibility: Instantly tell when there is a puncture due to the bright orange colour of the sealant
  • Perfect dosage: 8oz of Dr Orange fills up both tires at once (8 inch to 12 inch wheels)
  • Made in USA

No more rust.

Blended with sodium molybdate, a commonly used metal corrosion inhibitor for iron and steel. It is commonly found in water treatment products like chiller systems, where bimetallic design and construction can raise the risk of metal corrosion. No more finding your wheel hubs becoming rusty over time when you fill it up with Dr Orange tire sealant.

Doctor orange tire sealant

The only recommended sealant for our tubeless tire electric scooters.

In the past, we have always advised against using traditional tire slime on our line of electric scooters because it simply does not work. Replacing over thousands of tires over the years, we have personally seen slime goo rusting the wheel hubs, not covering the punctures as they should. Until Dr. Orange, a tire sealant that finally worked.


USA made tire Sealant

Pop it. Squeeze it.

Applying Doctor Orange is simple.

  1. Remove the tire valve cap.
  2. Locate and unscrew the valve core.
  3. Squeeze the sealant into the tire.
  4. Use the given tool to screw the valve core back in.
  5. Check your tire pressure.

Want to see it step-by-step? Check out the video tutorial here.

Doctor Orange works on tubed tires, but not as effectively. It is up to the riders' choice to use it on tubed tires.
An average of half a bottle of sealant should be used on each tire to allow the tire to have better protection.
Doctor Orange can only work on standard and typical punctures. It does not work on large holes or straight line cuts across the tire.