Helmet Sky/Cycling GUB 606 Black


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Type: ski helmet                     Materials: ABS+EPS

Certification:  CE & EN           Size: L (58-60cm)

Vents: 10.                Production: Integrally

NW:  520g                               GW:  726g

Colours:  Black


·ABS high strength exterior and EPS enclosure structure layer compose a warm and firm ski helmet with less weight.

·Fly nets and downy lining provide a warm and none bugs space.

·By control 10 switchable air holes to balance temperature inside the helmet. ( pull up or down the  switch to control air holes)

·Easily spinning the button in the rear of the helmet to adjust to a comfort size.

·Downy ear cushion installing 6 sound holes protect ears with hearing from the cold.

·Integrated models production for easy to dismantle and clean the lining.

·Tighter goggles clamps help to fix your ski goggles anywhere.