The seated scooter that just works

80 km of range.

Long rides and everyday lives. Whether you’re seeking out thrills or convenience, the Roadrunner is ready to perform.

 Our in-house designed battery is easily swapped out within 10 seconds and double your range with an extra battery. With a simple twist of the key, you get zero range anxiety every single time.

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Designed to suit all riding styles

Go low and fast or tall and cruising - Our flagship Roadrunner is perfect for city commuting, weekend spins around the cul-de-sac, and everything in between.

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Progressive performance

Beneath the polished exterior, the first ever EMOVE Roadrunner ushers you into the next generation of scooting. Dual geared motors deliver incredible horsepower and efficiency. There has never been a seated electric scooter built like this. Be careful - Riding the all new Roadrunner may be addictive.

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The intelligent dashboard built with safety features

Ergonomic rubber handgrips that helps you keep up with the long rides. Thumb throttle that does not cause riding fatigues. Anti-glare LCD display that lets you see the speed you are going.

Turn on and press down the thumb throttle. It's that easy.

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Comfort is built in