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Power Meets Comfort

The first electric scooter in the world that is built with triple suspension system that adds tons of comfort without looking complex. A mind-blowing motor that does more than you imagined.

Punch Above Its Class

The only electric scooter you will ever need to travel around. The EMOVE Touring is arguably the best scooter in its class, that is built for comfort and speed.

With a peak power output of 750W:

  • 20 degree hill climbing ability

  • Acceleration (0 to 15mph) in 4.5 seconds

  • Torque to tackle steep hills while maintaining speed

Loaded with features of larger and more expensive models, the Touring is also built with portability and last mile travel in mind.

Triple Suspension System

The Touring has the most comfortable suspension in this price class.

  • Front stem suspension

  • Front dual spring suspension

  • Rear dual suspension


LG Battery

Packed with a 48V 13AH LG battery. The high voltage battery gives you a peace of mind that your scooter is powered by quality. Backed up by a reputable battery manufacturer; with state-of-the-art ISO Certified manufacturing facilities to ensure all battery packs are consistent and equal.

Why is this important?

  • You want to maximise the lifespan of your battery

  • Having a top shelf battery gives you some peace of mind that your battery is going to last.

Lights, Camera, Scoot

Switch on all the lights and be seen from miles away.
Get ready when a stranger asks you where can I get that?

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Drum + Regenerative Brakes

Drum brake requires minimal maintenance. Unlike mechanical or hydraulic brakes, you never need
to do anything to the brakes to tune it every once in a while.

When the Touring is moving, it generates a lot of kinetic energy. All that kinetic energy generated has to go somewhere when the brakes are applied. The regenerative braking converts the kinetic energy when decelerating back into stored energy in the LG battery.

High Deck Clearance

The Touring also has a high elevated ground to deck height which prevent water splashes from puddles, and most importantly, prevent water damages to the deck where most important components are located.

Built with the riders' comfort in mind, the EMOVE Touring has a wide deck of about 21.8-inches by 7-inches of standing space which gives you more than enough space to keep your feet planted onto the deck. Say goodbye to squeezing onto tiny deck spaces and fear of falling over!

Front and rear spring suspension that allows it to respond quickly without bottoming out.

Brake Light.png

Take A Closer Look.

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Lightweight and Compact

Weighing at only about 39 lbs (17kg), the Touring is small and convenient to carry around, giving riders the amazing flexibility and portability of carrying it single-handedly up a flight of stairs or anywhere you like! Fold it under 3 seconds. Push handlebar forward, press down the lever, done! Easy storage - Keep in trains, buses or your car.

While the EMOVE Touring is lightweight, it can carry up to a maximum weight of 330 lbs which makes it suitable even for slightly heavier riders or if you have a heavy load to carry around.

Well Balanced With Wide Deck

With most portable electric scooters, you always feel like you are balancing on a skateboard. Not with the EMOVE Touring. After multiple generations of updates, we found the perfect deck size and length that is the most suitable for our riders.

Continuous Improvements

No one is improving as fast as we do. When you email us a feedback regarding the product, we take it seriously. The feedback goes directly into our production line. We come up with solutions, test, and retest.

Seat installation capability? We did it.
Longer deck? We did it.
Higher deck clearance? We did it
Waterproof cables? We did it.

The Touring ticks all the boxes a rider wants in a portable, lightweight commuting electric scooter.

Add In a Seat, If You Prefer

Having that extra 4 sets of drilled down screws at the back of the EMOVE Touring opens up a whole new world of accessories option. Adding a seat has never been easier.

Learn more about the seat option >

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download (3).png

Horn and Light Switch

Turn on your front headlight, alert your surroundings and start turning heads with the Touring!

Accessories That Lets You Make The Touring
Your Own.

Having that option to change your throttle preferences, change it to thumb or twist style to have your perfect electric scooter.

Thumb throttle: Click here to view
Twist Throttle: Click here to view

These throttles are only compatible with the EMOVE line of scooters.

Shop EMOVE Touring Accessories >

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  • Range : 25miles (~ 40km)

Speed : 25 Km/h ( 40 KM/h Private use)

Here are a couple of links you might find useful regarding the speed:

  • Hear it from other riders: EMOVE Owners Community

  • Climbing Ability : 15 degree - Based on 150-lbs rider

  • Ideal Lowest Temperature : 1 Degree Celsius / 33.8 Fahrenheit

  • NETT weight : 39-lbs (17-kg)

  • Maximum Load Capacity : 330-lbs (150-kg)

  • Charging Time : 3 to 4 hours

  • Folded Dimensions : 43 x 8 x 11.5in / 109 x 20 x 29cm (LxWxH)

  • Unfolded Dimensions : 39 x 22 x 47in /100x56x120cm (LxWxH)

  • Water Resistance Rating : IP54

  • What is in the package? 

1x EMOVE Touring (Colour of your choice)
1x AUS-Standard Charging Adaptor
1x User Manual

Warranty Period

12 Months Limited Warranty.


  • Motor : 
    Brushless DC Motor

  • Nominal Watt : 48V 500W

  • Peak Power Output : 750W

  • Battery Type : 48V 13AH LG Battery with Battery Management System Protection

  • Tire Type : 
    8'' Pneumatic Tire (Front)

8'' Solid Rubber Tire, with Motor (Rear)

  • Brake Type : Rear Electronic & Drum Brakes

  • Suspension : Front Triple Suspension and Rear Dual Spring Suspension 

  • Type Of Lights

Front headlight
Front sidelights
Rear brake lights

  • LCD Display : Built in.

  • Kickstand : Built in.

  • Seat Option

Available as an optional upgrade.
You can get it here.

  • Throttle

Finger Throttle (Default)
Optional Upgrades:
Twist Throttle - Get It Here.
Thumb Throttle - Get It Here.

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